• The Golda | Ink (Deconstructed)
  • The Golda | Ink (Deconstructed)

The Golda | Ink (Deconstructed)

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The deconstructed Golda focuses on creators, crafters, and remakers.


You’ll find the beginning of a pair of shoes in this box. Just the parts. You’ll need to either assemble the shoes yourself or find someone who can help you. If you want an assembled pair with no glues, we have that as well. But this is the beginning of something different. 

We hope you try to build them yourself. Or you find a shoe repair shop that can help you build what’s in the box. Or we hope you find some other materials and experiment for yourself 

Just like the assembled Golda’s we won’t be taking refunds or returns. We want to see what you create. The first time. 

And the second time. 

And the third. 

Good luck. 

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