Footprints 005: Bri Labossiere

Footprints 005: Bri Labossiere

Welcome back to Footprints. A series where we spotlight interesting people that make memorable things happen. Hear from Bri, a creator and organizer in Miami, Florida.

What’s your first sneaker memory?

The night before the first day of school, for whatever reason, my parents thought I would willfully start the third grade without a fresh pair of my favorite sneakers, all red Hightop Rebook Classics. They were wrong! I refused to go to sleep until they promised to buy me a pair BEFORE I was dropped off at school. The next morning, I begrudgingly got dressed and waiting in the car, with no shoes on, to be taken to the mall. Tardy on day 1, but I pulled up looking and feeling my best!

Laces or velcro?

Tie me up

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Morning flow vibes.

What’s the oldest pair of shoes you own?

All white low dunks - from 04’

When was the last time you cut in line?

Uhhh, anytime I board plane so … [a month ago]

Dr. Dre wears a fresh pair of AF1's everyday? What shoe would yours be?

Not gonna lie, being in my soft season, I’m going for comfort and ease these days so I’d un-stylishly have to say gimme a Crocs.

When should a kid learn to tie their own shoelaces?

Yesterday, come on let’s go outside and play already!!

Nah I’d say like 6-8 - get them lil fingers tying knots and bows.

If you had to give anyone a pair of shoes, who would it be?

My high school basketball coach, Petro - just because.

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