Footprints 004: SKT

Footprints 004: SKT

Welcome back to Footprints. A series where we spotlight interesting people that make memorable things happen. Hear from SKT, a designer in New York City.

What’s your first sneaker memory?

When I got my first pair of Converse ever…you couldn’t tell me that I hadn’t arrived. They were baby blue low tops with a gray plaid design on top. Not so sure why, but I’ve had a thing for Chuck Taylor’s for a long time. 

What shoes would make you walk out on a first date?

I’d walk out mentally, not physically (because I’m not sure that I possess the GALL to walk out) if any shoe you’re wearing is un-ironically/unintentionally TRASHED. Like, we love a distressed shoe—whether it’s a shoe with history or it’s manufactured to look like history (lol)—but that must be a deliberate act when making a first impression. Shoes can express experience or personality but the limit does in fact exist on a first date. I’m so very sorry. *hides face in shame for being so vain* 

What’s the oldest pair of shoes you own?

I think I still have a pair of rugged little boots that my mom used to wear when I was a youth of single digits. Talk about a shoe with history.

Where’s the favorite place you’ve lived?

Milan is a super duper close second but NYC truly is my favorite. The beautiful people I’ve befriended and the memories here! ah!

Do you ever share shoes with your friends?

Not really. If we’re out and their shoes are becoming too uncomfortable, I’ll switch with them. Or if we need a brunch boot after a sleepover and the sneakers weren’t giving, then yeah! But we mainly just give our shoes to one another if they don’t fit—like “here, I wore these twice, they’re too small, please take ‘em.”

What are you playing if someone passes you the AUX?

Usually anything Usher.

What shoes would an alien wear?

Probably a pair of Pyer Moss x Reebok Experiment sneakers. I’ve got ‘em, I love ‘em, and think they’d be fit for an E.T. too.

What sneakers look better in pictures than in real life?

I’m scared to say it but don’t hate me y’all: Jordans. I don’t know why, they just do not speak to me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And not ALL Jordans—I am referring to the basketball Air Jordans. I’m so sorry. 

If you had to give anyone a pair of shoes, who would it be?

I love giving my besties stuff. They just seem to feel so special when I do—so any one of those lovely gworls.


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