Footprints 003: Britney Hand

Footprints 003: Britney Hand

Welcome back to Footprints. A series where we spotlight interesting people that make memorable things happen. Hear from Britney Hand, a designer in Philadelphia, PA.

What’s your first sneaker memory?

When I was in fourth grade, my mom bought me these Champion sneakers that were white, black and this deep purple colorway. I thought they were so tough, especially the tread pattern because it looked like a diamond plate metal sheet that you would see on machinery. I thought I was so cool and I wore them with everything.

Where’s the favorite place you’ve lived?

I haven’t lived in many places, so I always say Philadelphia, because that’s really my home. It has its “icks” but it’s where I feel most comfortable and somewhere I truly miss when I’m not there. Plus there isn’t any other place that has cheesesteaks, water ice, know what the word “jawn” means like Philly.

Dr. Dre wears a fresh pair of AF1's everyday? What shoe would yours be?

To be honest, I could never wear one pair of shoes EVERYDAY; that's so boring. I am the type of person that needs to switch up what I wear, otherwise I’ll grow to hate it.

Did you ever have a teacher with good style?

No, none of their styles were memorable, lol.

Do you ever share shoes with your friends?

Absolutely not. But if I am giving you shoes to wear, it’s for you to keep.

How many photos/videos are in your iCloud?

Well in my Gallery (Team Android) I have 6,114 photos and 472 videos.

What's the oldest pair of shoes you own?

The oldest pair I own are a pair of Steve Madden heels that are 11 years old.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a pair of sneakers?

Nothing too crazy, probably just spending bill money on some kicks that I didn’t need, or having two phones and a laptop while riding in a car to cop a pair of sneakers that were getting ready to drop.

If you had to give anyone a pair of shoes, who would it be?

If I could give them to anyone, it would be my maternal grandparents. I’d give them each a pair of the Golda. They are both deceased, but both of them would have been so proud that I accomplished this dream of mine. My grandmother was a seamstress and my grandfather worked for the city of Philadelphia; they would have appreciated the craftsmanship and work that went into making this shoe, enjoyed wearing them, and happy that their legacy is still continuing.  

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