Footprints 001: Brandon Bjerre

Footprints 001: Brandon Bjerre

Welcome to Footprints. A series where we spotlight people that make memorable things happen. Hear from Brandon Bjerre, a footwear designer in New York, NY.

What's your first sneaker memory?

First sneaker memory was my Air Jordan 14’s in the black/lime colorway. My aunt drove up to New York when I was visiting in the summer from Germany and got them for me at a Footlocker. Not a shock I'm living in NY now, so that moment stood out even though there are many others.

Where’s the favorite place you’ve lived?

Favorite place I lived was probably where I was born, in Ramstein, Germany. My second home, living with my father, we had a pretty cool space and great cable. The outdoor scenery was serene, surrounded by beautiful trees and forests. I used to take my bike and go on adventures or stay in and watch The Parker or re-runs of ESPN highlights.

What are your favorite shoes you own?

Fav shoes that I own currently, besides my 99 collection would have to be my Marsell Sancrispa mid-height boots. I love boots right now, especially in a suede or nubuck in a neutral color.

Did you ever have a teacher with good style?

Honestly, no. I really can't recall but in middle school there was a science teacher Mr. Mac as we called him, he had a Steve Harvey afro with a bowtie and Stacy Adams shoes. NGL that was a fire combination.

What shoes would an alien wear?

An alien would probably be wearing sambas lol. I'm not sure why I said that but that's what came to me first so I'll stick with that answer.

When should a kid learn to tie their own shoelaces?

Never, if you like your shoes tied they will learn and if not, so be it. I encourage freedom of the mind in any way possible.

Do you brush your teeth clockwise or counter clockwise wise?

Easy, clockwise. Short rotational gestures to ensure the bristles get into all the crevices.

If you had to give anyone a pair of shoes, who would it be?

I would give a pair of shoes to Jeff Henderson because that means that I would have designed something he would actually wear, hahaha.

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