Marcus Hairston + Black Arrow FC

Marcus Hairston + Black Arrow FC

Today on Creators and, I catch up with Marcus Hairston, Creative @ Black Arrow FC, about the power of Global Football in Black and underserved communities.


For those who are unfamiliar, tell us about yourself.

I consider myself a dot-connector. I specialize in bringing consumers to specific brands. In addition, I'm a creative with a passion in music, fashion/sneakers, art & soccer. Being an African American with an origin tied to Mississippi has made my story an interesting one nevertheless. Growing up in a place filled with racism, segregation & discrimination, but somehow making it out on top has made my journey vibrant. My goal is to continue to urbanize the sport of Global Football on a domestic scale.


What do you Create?

I create content, evoke emotions & design apparel that sparks conversations. I use social media as an outlet & canvas in which my art can be displayed. Whether positive or negative, I think it's important to create those convos. I'm soon launching my personal brand alongside with my brother Marlon Hairston, MLS player for the Minnesota United. The name of the brand is Free Agent. It will be a lifestyle brand with some key influences. The theme will be both contemporary and streetwear, which represents both aesthetics of both myself and co-owner Marlon. Anticipated release in 2021.

Tell me more about the work that you've done with Black Arrow FC.
Some of the projects that I’ve been directly involved + discussions with are :
With more on the way!
How did Black Arrow FC come to fruition?  And how important has the work been in creating community brought together by Black and global football cultures?
Black Arrow FC is the first lifestyle brand that focuses on the intersection of black culture and soccer.  Founded by owner Aaron Dolores out of Oakland, CA. His message was powered by authenticity and driven by creativity.  As a result, we use the sport as our medium to tell Impactful stories and create cultural experiences.  The team all met during MLS All-Star Weekend in Atlanta 3+ years ago.  A few small convos is what brought us together; the rest was history. 
Sport has such an impact on our lives, and as our relationships with it continue to deepen, so do the stories.  What stories do you want to continue to evolve into?

Our projects harness the influence of black culture to elevate the perception of soccer on a domestic scale.  Our goal is to continue to cultivate and grow the sport, while sharing the experiences from those in untapped areas. 


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