Asha Harper + Agency11Eleven

Asha Harper + Agency11Eleven

Today on Creators and we get a chance to catch up with a spiritual (and tres dope) woman known as Asha Harper, Footwear Creative @ Nike + Founder of Agency E11even.

For those that are unfamiliar, tell us who you are?

In the inner world I would describe myself as a being, trying to find the balance between all worlds /spectrums, whilst enrolling as a never ending student of the universe. Absorbing & accepting everything shown to me through energy. In the outer world I am the attachments society has labeled me as, lost in identity, corruption, competition and confusion. A little confidence boost may give me the key to maneuver through this man made matrix but it's still very much tapping into ego. In reality I feel both worlds need to to exist in order for me to beat match, reflecting what the universe does so well. I guess that's why the creativity within me is seamless and why we all have to be creators when our time calls.


I'm a footwear creative for Nike ( @team_team_team_team_team_team) by day, yet outside of that I find It important to tap into concept building, content curation, up cycling & regenerating product by night. Previously I have worked as a footwear manufacturing engineer in the Dr.Martens made in England factory, to then Assisting the mens design team in Camden London. My career path then lead me to becoming a color and materials designer for Smu's @ Puma. To then being hired as color material and product designer on their collaborations team in Nuremberg, Germany. Blurring the lines in industry has always been a must for me. It's the best way to get a full spectrum of the difference and similarities which will help spark in creating the next generation of innovation whether through product, the environment or a re-wiring of the mind.


What do you Create?

Energy.  Good Vibes.  Vision.  Freedom.  Balance

Agency E11even is a Multidisciplinary creative agency which features the good, the bad & the ugly within industry. 11eleven creates full transparency for its viewers to educate themselves on the flaws the fashion industry still upholds, which has severe impact on marginalized communities from all over the world with minimal media coverage. Our industry continues to damage our environments, harm its people & drains the world of her energy. The sense of urgency to change the narrative has become mediocre with 40% of businesses within the fashion industry unspoken for. Although there is a lot of success in industry we also have to question what success looks like in a dying world.

Here are some of the Topics Agency E11even coversEnvironmental & racial discrimination. Toxic corporate structure and how to re-wire. Inclusivity / equity & equality / diversity. Sustainable yet holistic solutions on open topics. Students in industry. The damaging effects of footwear. Regenerative & Up-cycled design. Panel talks on sustainability & circular design. Inspiration / designers / upcoming designers. Consumer consumption. Factory workers.

Aside from that I've had my hand in the following products :

up- cycled nike pillows

up- cycled b3 wassily chair for Converse

up-cycled Kickers x Palace

up-cycled clarks originals wallabies

up-cycled suicoke

up-cycled Birkenstocks

up-cycled Dr.martens x Golf Le fleur

Nike N7 Moc (only)

Nike BHM ‘20 ( AF1 / 95)

Nike BE TRUE ‘20 ( AF1 )

Nike ISPA Overreact sandal

Nike SACAI Blazer chopped

Dr.marten MIE Pascal Boro indigo

Dr.Marten 3989 butterscotch brogue

Dr.martens 1461 cut out

Dr.Marten Engineered Garments.

Puma x Jil sander king

PUMA x Buffalo Fenty x Puma slides

Puma x New Regime



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