Book Club

  1. For Us By Us

    We love Black artists, and especially love Black artists who work with other Black artists to show and tell Black stories. Enter: Ibra Ake.

    The stories are beautiful, the people are beautiful, the process is beautiful.

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  2. Innovative Knit

    When I Love You So Much was some other name and CEO Alice Wang was trying to decide where to go with her upstart creative brand, I didn’t see Sa...
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  3. Intentional and Unapologetic

    Opportunities to build experience in the workplace are not easy to come by. Whenever the playing field levels through technology or culture, the g...
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  4. Mr. Tony

    “Meet us at 3:50. JJ’s place. Let’s go!” Tony explained before jumping off our Google Meet. Harlem Grown has partnered with Field Trip Harlem on ...
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  5. Irv Smalls, FC Harlem

    We had the chance to catch up with the Executive Director of our favorite soccer team in Harlem. We discussed everything from Nike and the English...
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  6. Stan Burton, Supply Chain

    We had the chance to catch up with one of our favorite expats in Hong Kong. We discussed juggling the egos of design and marketing with the realit...
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