What Can We Learn

What Can We Learn

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In March 2020 we asked some thoughtful voices to share their thoughts on what was going through their minds and hearts as the pandemic evolved. As we discuss everything from a Second Wave to a Vaccine we thought it would be good to think about where we were.

@kevinbethune shares his thoughts.

What Can We Learn

“I do hope as a society, we come out of this pandemic better on the other side. I think before…now that we can reflect with high with with 2020 hindsight…I think before we allowed so much to get in the way of our just natural and intuitive and thoughtful human condition. Everything I think was chirping at us, buzzing at us for attention. And there are so many things that we thought we needed to do to survive the day that now I think, now that we're home, and we're sort of forced to be more attentive to our immediate family that's right in front of us, our, you know, immediate needs as they don't require us to be sitting in traffic or on a subway or what have you. We're now forced to sort of look at things with a bit more focus with more intimacy. I think we're seeing how much noise was distracting us from the true value that we can offer in our personal and professional lives. So my hope is that we're just a bit more thoughtful in how we connect with our humanity, within ourselves, as well as how we thoughtfully engage with others and eliminate a lot of the noise that was distracting us so much from that before COVID-19.”

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