The New Normal

The New Normal

Slowly but surely, New Yorkers have been adjusting to our New Normal. After spending most of the spring quarantined, the summer opened up a lot of opportunities for us to finally get back outside. Here I'll share a couple ways some people are turning what seems like an episode of black mirror into something very much real.... and normal.  



Outdoor Dining. At the end of June, Mayor De Blasio announced that New York City would start its phase two reopening process which included restaurants serving takeout and outdoor dining. It would be the first time in three months. Seeing people once again eating in groups and enjoying the outdoors felt nostalgic. It was also interesting to see many restaurants in city adopting outdoor seating which didn't have it before. I was interested in how restaurants set up seating, what precautions are they taking, and how it effects what was once known as going out to eat?




Essential workers appreciation. The pandemic has slowed down the fast-paced New York City. I think most of us have had time to reflect on the jobs that are deemed essential and appreciated those who work them. Especially because they risk their lives to ensure our society still functions somewhat normally.  In Manhattan, and in other parts of New York City, 7pm marked the time for essential worker appreciation. At this time, New Yorkers on the street, in their cars, and from their homes applaud and make noise to show their appreciation.

Here's what it sounds like.



Gyms are closed. But that didn't stop people from working out. Exercising outdoors has been another noticeable shift as New York City opens back up. Parks, scaffold construction sites, and even traffic signals have been used as alternatives to having a gym. Quarantine was rough, but it didn't keep us in the house too long. People have hit the jog. 





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