Stay Ready

Stay Ready

The beauty of design isn't just about the final product, it's about the process behind the creation — it's about who you create for, the decisions made along the way, and the journey to the final outcome. And the only way to learn the process is to keep creating. Always.

Being committed to your dream and disciplined with your craft are what creative entrepreneur, Jason Mayden, believes prepares you to success when opportunities arise. He went from Chicago to Nike to founding Super Heroic, always making sure to learn the nuances of the creation process so he could "advocate for the creative voices that weren't present in the room when business decisions were being made." 

Understanding how to navigate your way through the process requires discipline, empathy, patience, and persistence in the face of ambiguity, because that's where breakthroughs and discoveries happen.

It's not about creating the perfect product, it's about creating an impactful product, resulting from a strong work ethic, and patience. 

(Photo credit: Super Heroic)

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