So, you want to be a legend?

So, you want to be a legend?

Words of wisdom from, E. Scott Morris - designer, veteran, speaker - on leadership, collaboration, the importance of learning the business behind the creation process, and his philosophy of work: "bringing soul and humanity back into the workplace."

Grab a notebook and check the whole piece.

Here's a sneak peek though:

"There are three things you have to do if you want to be the content of legends." Those words have stuck with Morris to this day, and he passes on this wisdom to everyone he works with.
1. Know your mission
2. Know your logistics (the tools, resources, and people available to you)
3. If you got long sleeves, roll them up. Grab the guy's arm next to you. The marines to the left of you, you have to fight for them. The marines to the right of you, you have to fight for them. If you fight for them and keep them alive, they in turn will keep you alive. You will say 'I got to care about guy on left of me and guy on right of me' because you will fight together and you will live together. If you go down, you go down together.'

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