Grow Together

Grow Together

It’s all about the customer, the audience, the community. Creating is all about mastering your craft, but it’s actually about who you create for and with that makes all the difference.

When building a brand or company, stage 1 is all about honing the skills and defining a purpose. After that, it’s about growth and scale. Pivoting into a new market is tricky, but the major key is: authenticity. Capturing a new market segment requires a level of vulnerability to allow the new community to speak for itself and hold you accountable for what it requires from you to give you support in return. In short — build with, not just for.

On Running’s latest campaign for their Cloudnova is a great example of this. By partnering with Scope of Work, they brought the face, voice, and skill of the community to the table to create something that connected with the community. The execution is seamless — the brand is represented in the product, the community is represented in the story.

Good case study of a strategic partnership to fuel growth. Watch the work.

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