From the Hood, With Love

From the Hood, With Love


They say "you are what you eat," but don't tell you how what you put in your body can be a vehicle for what you output. Food is for the body what art is for the soul. Ghetto Gastro uses food as a catalyst for creation and an investment into their community -- The Bronx.

The birthplace of hip-hop, is also the birthplace of "a movement and philosophy" that "uses food and finesse to open borders and connect cultures." Food is just the lens for the Ghetto Gastro team, but the goal is to "build financial capital and creative capital in [their] hood." From coconut, charcoal, and cognac coquito to caviar and cornbread, they elevate culinary community staples to show the weakness of the systemic divisions created between cultures. And they use food as the foundation for community development in art, design, and empowering experiences. 

It's about feeding the community, through body, mind, and spirit. 


(Photo credit: Ghetto Gastro)

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