Class Is Always In Session

Class Is Always In Session

School isn’t the only, or best place to learn, especially now. Once upon a time, a degree, especially a masters degree, was a stamp of approval that unlocked doors and granted access and opportunity. Now? The cost benefit analysis doesn’t add up as it used to.

More value is being placed on hands-on experience than ever before. There’s so much to learn about innovation, pivots, and emotional intelligence — all things that typical graduate school case studies and group projects tried to emulate, and all things that virtual life has disrupted.

There’s no doubt that education, continuous learning, is the necessary foundation for success. But it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to “education” and explore different routes. Embrace the hustle, create your own curriculum with mentors and leaders, think about your end goal and the best journey for you to get there.

School is all about learning from the past to create a better future. But since our dystopian reality of 2020 has no historical precedent to lend a foundation, why should our methods for the future look the same?



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